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This page is to keep some notes on each track when possible

Je me Souviens (2023 - Dolby Atmos)

More info and links to all platforms: Je me Souviens

Origins (2022 - Dolby Atmos)

How Dare You! Live at Gray Area (2021 - Dolby Atmos)

Track performed at the Gray Area Theater on 9th September 2021 as part of LeftCoastLights Eclectic Trips Festival 2021

Electronic, Analog, Innovation, Music, Video, LeftCoastLights!

Recorded in Quadraphonic and Binauralized
More information: HowDareYou

Text read by Jasmine Ali:
Climate change is real
They told us that
Eons ago
Weird events are upon us
Cyclones, heat waves, snow storms
We had to do something
But the economy
Oil and coal subsidies
I saw it ,
Keeping industries from
Instead of investing
In the future
How dare you?

Sea level rises
We will build levies
We will build castles
And it will all eventually crumble
Why aren’t we investing in the future
How dare we?
20 years from now
That was a long time
Youth spent
We are here now
Kids will be there too
Each generation protecting the past
Not building the future
But tonight we dance!
How dare we?

Moog Subharmonicon
Moog Spectravox
Buchla 208c
Eurorack: Shakmat, Makenoise, Mutable Instruments, Pittsburgh, New Systems Instruments, Intellijel, Sputnik, Verbos, Hexinverter

Passages (2021 - Dolby Atmos)

The picture used for the album cover is what inspired me to do this album but also the mood of the time. Earlier in the year I had a health scare. You think about your own mortality. This past year was challenging, in the middle of a pandemic, working from home. They say the only thing that does not change is change. The sun passing through the clouds, the right imagery for Passages. The world will be different after covid-19. We are also on a path of self ecological destruction. It is a passage for humanity. I poured this mood, these emotions into this music.

It is in quadraphonic, processed to be a Dolby Atmos release and bounced to binaural for Bandcamp.

You can get the 5.1 and a Dolby Atmos movie of this album on:

It has been the evolution of a patch I have been using, for shows like Modular World, NPR Tiny Desk Contest,.. (see www.youtube.com/franckmartin for the videos)

This patch was mentioned on NPR:
"Franck Martin has entered the Tiny Desk Contest multiple times, but I still remember his 2019 entry: a mobile, modular synth unit filmed near the Golden Gate bridge with a 360-degree camera! This one's no less scenic, but stable, as Martin's mix of Buchla and Moog synths soundtrack the mountainous Pacifica skyline with headphone-panning dark ambient." - Lars Gotrich - NPR

So it is a bit the culmination of testing this music with many people. During this journey I have learned a lot, got new modules, shaped the sound differently.

Dystopia (2021 - Dolby Atmos)

An exploration of the Dolby Atmos format before releasing bigger work. Music inspired by "Ghost in the Shell", "Blade Runner".

To The Stars (2021 - Quadraphonic)

Half Space Odyssey, half the Expanse, this is the cinematic approach of this album.

This album was worked over many weeks, performed on a modular synthesizer at some events then re-worked, tuned, changed.

Finally it was recorded as one take, but with different parts. You can listen to the whole album continuously or each individual tracks.

It was recorded in quadraphonic, then mixed and mastered in 5.1 and the result processed for a binaural output for this digital release.

The Quadraphonic and 5.1 surround versions can be found at surroundmusic.one/album/to-the-stars/

Symphoney (2020 - Quadraphonic)

See a complete writing about this album

Elements (2019)

See a complete writing about this album

Cold (2018)

Suspended Times (2017)

Recorded using a Moog Voyager, DSI Tempest and a modular Synthesizer. It also contains some loops and samples and was Mixed and Mastered using Logic Pro X.

Binary Trees (2016)

Mainly Loops put together using Logic Pro X. Many track where snippets done in Garage Band then expanded using Logic Pro X.

  • Sleepless in Glasgow: Recorded while I was really sleepless in Glasgow after a flight from San Francisco via London. I did the main part on Garage Band, using the sampler for the voice and then expanded it later using Logic Pro