Je me Souviens

Do you want to experience the sound of memories? Do you want to immerse yourself in a sonic journey that evokes the emotions of nostalgia, sadness, and wonder? If so, you might want to check out my new album "Je me Souviens" - I remember.

Je Me Souviens Cover  

 In the Press
"The album is a modest, personal work, a small monument to memory, looking back on 50 years of life experiences, friends and family loved and lost. For a special treat, the album is also available in spatial audio" - White Crate - Ronny Kerr

"All of these inflections run, buzz, and whirr between the earpods, interspersed with whispered phrases from the artist (who, in turn, sounds a bit like Werner Herzog I may add) [..] If you seek a soundbath for the mind and an expansion of the imagination, these drone meets spaceships lullabies and hymns are just for you." - 48 Hills - John-Paul Shiver

"Je me Souviens is a long jam broken up into eight parts that have different moods and ideas, yet still feel connected. The sounds weave in and out with an underlying recurring theme, underpinning the tracks and giving them a sense of familiarity and comfort, best enjoyed with headphones since there’s so much movement." - Waveform Magazine - Tom Ojendyk


This album is the result of my exploration with a quadraphonic eurorack modular synthesizer, a complex and unpredictable instrument that allows me to create moody, ambient, and melancholic music. The foundation of this album is a Moog subharmonicon that I built during Moogfest as part of the engineer workshop. This device generates rich and organic rhythms and melodies that inspire me to express myself.

I am a 50+-year-old musician who loves to experiment with sound and music. I made this album as a birthday gift to myself and to my listeners. When I start a project, I find emotions that I want to express, and this is what guides me during the creation. On modular synthesizer, you don't know exactly where you are going, it is an adventure, but with the right frame of mind, the right emotion, it helps me discover the path I will take amongst all the modules and cables.

The title of the album is "Je me Souviens" - I remember, this is the last phrase that John Difool says at the end of his initiatic journey in "The Incal", a graphic novel made by Jodorowsky and Moebius. I too remember, the important moments in my life, family and friends I have lost. The magic moments I lived in the Pacific islands, those skies, those isolated islands...

Incal End  


The album cover is a picture I took of Mont Saint Michel in France, during a trip with my parents and my wife. It was during the world cup, the place was empty. It was like the Mont Saint Michel belonged to us. We had dinner at la mère Poulard, with no reservations!

Come on this journey with me and let me share with you my memories through music!

I made this album public on my birthday on 27th October 2023